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Our Offers

Our offers


Despite specificity, ground nature, technical and environmental constraints, Marais can answer with innovative process and certified true to regulation regarding environment and security.


A proven know-how on every jobs, in any environment:

  • Wheel trencher (with or without offset wheel ) for simultaneous trenching and cable laying in rural areas (SMC 202R - SMC 200RD-SMC 502R) and either in soft or rocky soil,
  • Micro trencher: trenching machine for laying optical fibre network on motorways and high-speed roads, road trencher with excavated materials simultaneous vacuum and storage in urban area (Cleanfast/Sidecut) with a drift away version for gas networks (Urbagaz) in rural and urban area,
  • Special trenchers for network deployment along railways (Roberval) or else in rivers (Poseidon),



A know-how at every collaborator disposal:


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