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Wheel trenchers

A unique concept of the wheel trencher


The wheel trencher is a great tool for making trenches and mechanized laying simultaneously, for the deployment of networks (telecommunication, electricity, drainage, water, gas, sewerage....) in rural and urban areas.


It is a unique concept based on the wheel trencher with a tangential MARAIS feed.


It allows :

  • Trench to a depth of 1.55 m depending on model,
  • constant and reduced width of the trench,
  • constant depth which ensures high quality installation of the network,
  • rate ranging from 300 to 2 000 ml/day, depending on the ground, the section of trench and the nature of the network to be installed.


Among the advantages of this tool, the trenching in different grounds, the slope correction with a frame that enables a vertical slicing on sloping ground.
Finally, it allows a considerable reduction in construction costs.

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