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Large offset wheel trencher for mechanical laying of networks


  • Excavation of trenchesáand mechanized installation for simultaneous deployment of networks (telecoms, electricity, drainage, water, sanitation, gas..) in rural area. á


  • Tangentially driven trenching wheel designed by MARAIS


  • Cutting outside the overall sizes of the machine : 850mm
  • Constant and reduced width of the trench
  • Constant building cost pr meter
  • Non-stop shielding of the cut trench : laying unit
  • Preservation of the geometric data of the cut trench
  • Compliance with bending radius oft he cables and ducts
  • Quality of the trench bottom : the Shoe
  • Smooth clean and compact trench bottom without any salient angle
  • Network laying quality
  • Constant depth
  • Constant altimetry and planimetry of the laid network


  • Cutting of different grounds
  • Cutting configuration along roads in ditch bottom, behind safety barriers or along railways
  • Reduction in building costs
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  • From 300 to 2000 ml/day depending on the grounds, sections of the trenches and nature of the network to be laid.


  • Cutting outside the overall sizes of the machine : 850mm
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