Life first:

This is OUR PRIORITY, every single day, we are ready to take all necessary decisions for all positions in order to secure the working environment. Whether it is at the site manufacturing, site set up or operational phase, safety is our priority.

Each of our actions need to be thought about to reach our "NO ACCIDENTS" goal.

Safety management:

We have launched in 2017 a years Safety Improvement Plan focusing on several areas :

  • Work trips : Thanks to our regionalization strategy (launch of sites closer to our customers) we are optimising the logistics and reducing driving time from one construction site to the next.
  • Addictions : We regularly conduct awareness campaigns. We also regularly have our workforce drug and alcohol tested during working hours.
  • Working at heights : The work place is adapted to reduce the risk of having any employee falling while working at heights.
  • Risk of road accidents : We realised auditing of our vehicles to improve their set up and work constraints.
  • Personnal and Collective Protective Equipment : We improve the safety of our workforce by testing all PPE and CPE and by listening to our teams who use them on a daily basis.
  • Training : We train our workforce in order to constantly improve their skills on safety and risks linked to work environment.

Every week, HS&E team gets together to review these goals, plan is to reach 100% achievement by the end of 2018.