Specific machinery development


  Burying of networks in a river environment


Trenching and Mechanical laying of fiber optic and power cables in river and sea environments.

Specific features

Use of navigable waterways for the deployment of networks.


  • Limited disturbance to the navigable traffic,
  • Environmental safety,

Sizes and weight to the unit

  • Length in working position : 9 m
  • Width : 4,50 m
  • Height : 3,80 m
  • Unloaded weight : 11 tons


  • Piloting remote control from the water surface
  • Cable layer with presence detector

Technical feature of the cutting tool


  Building of networks along railways


Trenching and Mechanical laying of fiber optic along railways.

Specific features

  • Compact trencher suitable for work in rough broken ground and narrow areas,
  • Quick network deployment process


  • Automatic stabilizing and non-overturning system,
  • National French railways (SNCF) approved reduced overall sizes


  • Train traffic not interrupted during the works,
  • Increased safety of the work site,
  • Reduction in building costs thanks to the direct burial of networek ducts into the ground

Sizes and weight of the unit

  • Length in working position: 9,30 m
  • Width: 0,76 m
  • Height: 1,50 m
  • Weight: 8,2 tons

Technical features of the trenching tool

  • Vibrating plough
  • Tool offset : 150 mm on the left and right side in relation with the axis machine


 Mobile production center


RECYSOIL® is a mobile production center behind a suction-type slicer CLEANFAST® values the trenches cuttings in a self mortar placing allowing immediate filler with the transformed material.

Specific features

  • Machine capacity,
  • Transformation of a controlled particle size of sand excavation using an impact crusher, and a sieve,
  • The manufacture of the mortar is carried by a concrete plant fully automated and weight category,
  • Hopper binder placed on load cells to optimize the assay,
  • A PLC manages the production cycle,
  • Two operators are sufficient for operations.


  • Canceling the waiting time for the concrete tops,
  • Preservation of natural resources and reduced environmental impact,
  • Productivity gain.

Dimensions of the unit

  • Lengh in working position : 14 m with mortar hopper
  • Transportation length : 12 m
  • Large : 2,55 m
  • High : 4 m
  • Weigth : 29,5 tons


  • RECYSOIL® can make up to 25 m³/h of mortar to the recorking of 400 m of trench type FTTH,
  • Behind a trenching machine CLEANFAST®, the cadence of recorking is 120 to 130 m per hour.