Water, Gas, and Biogas 

Trenchers for Oil and Gas Applications, Water Pipelines

The deployment of pipeline networks is essential worldwide to meet energy demand.

Our trenchers are ideal for digging trenches, whether in urban or rural areas, regardless of weather conditions.

For over 35 years, we have been a key partner for pipeline projects, including the construction of oil pipelines, gas pipelines, sewage networks, water pipelines (distribution, and irrigation), canals, and channels.

We offer a wide range of trenchers suitable for mechanical laying of flexible HDPE conduits or trenchers for trench opening only.

With or without loading, flat or trefoil laying, the dimensions, trenching, and laying tools are adapted based on the laying environment and the network to be installed.

To find out more about the machines suited to this sector, see our page dedicated to macro-trenchers and the technical data sheets for our machines: 400MCT RT1100400MCT CS1200950R Chainsaw950RGD2ST2975 EVO Chainsaw et 985 ChainsawMTR430 R1200-1400MTR430 CT1300